Story So Far

The PCs were prisoners in Darrow, when they were conscripted along with the rest of the saps in jail to investigate strange disturbances under the mountain by Hassan, a ministry official. Hassan turned out to be a wizard who was interested in protecting Darrow from a dimensional rift in the mines. His research has revealed that the tear was created by the brutal slaying of an ancient red dragon by beings from the Feywild, who removed the dragon’s heart as a trophy of war. Hassan believes that he will be able to repair the rift if he has the heart of the dragon, and has enlisted the PCs (on pain of execution – they attempted to kill him) to retrieve it for him. However, he does not know the nature of the fey creatures who killed the dragon, and needs the PCs to find out more. He must stay in Darrow to protect the city from more elementals, and suggests Sur or Nezeregit as possible places to find out more information.

The PCs chose Nezeregit and are exploring that ancient city. They have discovered it was populated by a demonic race, and have noticed that the tower they descended to get to the city seems to portray a history of the people, with the most recent events at the top.

Relevant Locations

Relevant NPCs


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