Towering from the last dregs of the Redcap Mountains, Dragonmount (or The Dragonmount as some citizens of Darrow refer to it) is a dormant volcano that looks out over the rolling plains of the Wold. A broad plain slopes down from the mountain north and east, the fertile soil and ore-rich rock all that is left of massive lava flows centuries before. Nestled between the eastern and southern spurs of the mountain is the small city of Darrow. The River Ire cuts off the end of the eastern ridge as it flows past the mountain and Darrow.


Little is known of the history of Dragonmount. It has not erupted in living memory or even in the recorded history of the North. There may be some record in the great libraries of Sur on the Southern Sea, but it would truly be an ancient reference indeed. As for the name, there are many legends about the Dragonmount. Some say that a dragon once lived there, others that the name is merely a reference to the volcanic activity of the mountain, and still others border on the religious, saying that the dragon will return someday and reward the faithful. In any case, no dragon has been seen or heard on the mountain for centuries, if ever.


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