The city of Darrow is nestled at the foot of Dragonmount between the mountain’s eastern and southern spurs. Initially a mining town, Darrow has expanded across the river Ire as many of its citizens have found farming the fertile volcanic soil an easier living than working in the famous iron mines of Darrow. Iron is not the only ore mined under Dragonmount, there are a few veins of various precious metalsalso substantial deposits of copper and a few veins of various precious metals, but the iron mines have historically generated the most income for the citizens of Darrow and its powerful Miner’s Guild.

Darrow has grown and expanded in the last century of relative peace and has pushed south beyond the southern spur of Dragonmount and east across the Ire, though almost all of the city industry and governance takes place in the older parts of Darrow under the shadow of the mountain. Census estimates for the population run between 10,000 and 15,000 and the majority of the people are working class. It has become increasingly difficult over the last decades to make a comfortable living from the mines, and a middle-class of merchants, administrators, and even farmers is a growing force in Darrow’s politics.

Government & Demographics

Darrow is governed by a Magistrate, one Jare Thadden, and a council formed by the rulers of the various guilds in the city. The city is human-dominated, which is somewhat surprising given that the principal trade in the town, mining, is usually associated with the dwarves. The dwarven population, however, is centered farther north in the great delvings of Arkhaz, and there they value craftsmanship over mining raw materials. Still, dwarves are the largest minority group in Darrow, and relations between races are generally good. There is a smattering of other races in Darrow, including Goliaths which usually do not stay in the city but come over the mountain to trade.


There are a smattering of temples to all of the major deities in Darrow, with Moradin having a not unexpectedly larger following due to the primary occupation in the city and the large dwarven population, in addition to a few local gods and goddesses. There is a profusion of dragon-related sects and cults in the city, each with their own myths regarding the manner of the dragon’s departure and the manner of his (or her) return. These range from the Followers of the Dragon, who believe that an ancient dragon ascended into deity from the summit of Dragonmount, to the Raisingwells who believe that the dragon still sleeps under the mountain, and will awake one day to rescue the faithful from an impending volcanic eruption.


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