Welcome to the Darrow Municipal Jail

Inauspicious Beginnings

During your stay here in Darrow, you will be treated to the finest jailhouse experience in the Wold. Our cuisine is second to none – occasionally you will even have mold-free bread! You will also get a tub of water, though our chef does suggest that you strain your water through your garment before drinking it. Be sure to wipe the larger bugs off of your clothing afterwards. It is not recommended that you eat the bugs. Should you desire firmer sustenance, the occasional rat will deliver itself right to your cell. Now that’s service!

By staying in our cells, you agree to abide by all Rules of the Guard, including but not limited to the following:

  • No violence. An exception will be made if the violence is directed towards another prisoner.
  • No urination or defecation outside the designated pits.
  • No noisemaking that can be heard at the guardpost.
  • No crowding the cell door during meal delivery, prisoner exchanges, or beatings.

Violation of any of these Rules will result in the immediate sentence of Mine Work for a term not to exceed the rest of your natural life – which will be shorter than you had planned.


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